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How To Create A Magical Christmas

I've always loved the festive season and there's something really special about making Christmas magical for your children. It's the best feeling in the world to see their little faces light up with sheer joy not because of presents but because of the traditions that someday they may even carry on for their own children. We don't focus too much on extravagant presents as for us, Christmas embodies quality time with the family, good food, cosy evenings and a time for celebration. So, let's get right into it- here is how I attempt to create a magical Christmas for my family.

- Festive Baking

Yes, it gets messy and you may have to diffuse arguments but kids love baking and this is something they will always remember. If you're not much of a baker, buy pre-made cookie dough from a supermarket, let the kids roll it out and cut out shapes with fun Christmas themed cookie cutters. You can also buy a gingerbread house kit (I'm not insane enough to make my own), which the kids can put together and decorate themselves!

- Personalised touches

I know that personalisation can be costly but the items itself are great keepsakes and if you reuse them every year or every other year, it's totally worth it. The girls each have their own Hessian Santa Sack (similar linked here)- they look very traditional and make for lovely decorations around the tree.

I also ordered a Christmas Eve Board with a personal message from Santa, addressed personally to the girls. We place mince pies, carrots, and a glass of Sherry on the board and leave it near our Christmas tree on Christmas eve.

- Create the magical illusion

The next morning, the kids will find mince pie crumbs, an empty glass and snowy footprints- you can create these by sprinkling flour from your chimney (or wherever Santa comes from in your house) to the tree and use a pair of large boots to make imprints. If it's not snowing outside it doesn't really matter as Santa leaves a trail of North Pole snow wherever he goes :-)

- Letters from Santa

You can find lots of free Santa letter printables on Pinterest (I love this one), simply address it to your child and leave it under the Christmas tree for a beautiful surprise.

- Christmas Eve Box

I ordered a beautiful box (I ordered mine from Etsy) for the girls and every Christmas Eve I put in a pair of new pyjamas, sachets of hot chocolate, mini packs of marshmallows and chocolate coins along with an 'At Home Movie Night Ticket'. Movie nights are a weekly occurrence at our house but festive movie nights are all the more special, especially when it's the night before Christmas.

- Lapland UK

Why make a trip to Lapland when you have it on your doorstep? Lapland UK, in Ascot, is a breathtaking experience for kids and adults alike and the perfect family day out. The kids get to take part in a cookie and gingerbread decorating workshop, there's a toy making factory, there's the option to write a letter to Santa at the post office and even ice skating is included! The walk through the forest with an elf to see the reindeer and eventually meet Santa was just magical! Get more information about Lapland UK here.

- Christmas Lights

We take the girls on drives after nightfall to look at the Christmas decorations in the neighbourhood- it's a short and sweet activity, perfect just before going for a Sunday roast. It really doesn't take much effort and the annual repetition of this tradition makes the girls look forward to it eagerly.

- Give

Ultimately, Christmas is about giving and it's very important to me that my girls know how fortunate they are in life. I get the girls to donate their toys and books in December and explain to them how difficult life can be for others who aren't as fortunate, especially around this time of year. Even simple acts like going to Church and lighting candles for those who are no longer with us, those in need and those we are grateful for, has a big impact on children. Learning and living in gratitude is one of the most important life lessons I hope to instil in them.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will qualify for a commission.

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