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My 10 minute morning skincare routine

I've always loved skincare & beauty and experimenting with new products is really fun! I have a weakness for skincare that promises you that dewy glow and I think I have found my winning formula. For the last 7 years, since I had my first baby Maya, my combination skin has been the best it's ever been.

To give you a bit of background, I had awful hormonal acne as a teenager. My mum tells me it wasn't as bad as I make it out to be but I honestly felt like it was the worst. The acne calmed down once I hit 16/17 and from that point I'd only have a few odd spots here and there. At 23, my pregnancy hormones had a very positive effect on my skin; my skin had never been so clear and radiant so I guess I have Maya to thank for that :)

I'd never been one to wear foundation on a daily basis so that probably helped matters as well.

A few months ago however I started wearing the By Terry Cellularose CC Serum (in the shade Sunny Flash) and as amazing as it was, I got a few spots from it. Still, at £61 a pop, you better believe I finished that bottle, spots or no spots.

I gave my skincare drawer an overhaul and stopped using cc serums; nowadays I'll apply some concealer under my eyes and on any blemishes and I'm good to go.

So here are the products I incorporate into my morning routine; it takes 5-10 minutes and has made such a difference to my skin!

I start with the ELEMIS Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Wash to cleanse any impurities and gently exfoliate any dead skin cells. The pump bottle dispenses just the right amount and it rinses off completely. I then use the L'Oreal Paris Smooth Sugar Glow Grapeseed Face And Lip Scrub (currently on sale here) to eliminate any dry patches on the skin and lips. The ELEMIS White Flowers Eye & Lip Make Up Remover is great for getting rid of any traces of make up, although I do try to remove every last bit of make up the previous night. My go-to toner is the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Clarifying Lotion- it's affordable and is gentle but effective. I only started using it last month and have noticed my skin is brighter, softer, smoother, radiant and generally happier. You don't need much- just a few drops on a cotton pad and gently sweep it over your skin.

Next up are my retinol, moisturisers, a glow booster and of course the all important SPF. I'm constantly changing up my serums but currently I'm loving The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 5%- I started with the 0.2% Retinoid, saw no change and therefore upped it to the 5%- if you're new to Retinoids I'd start with a lower percentage to make sure that it's suitable for your skin as it is quite high in strength. I first used it once a week, then twice and now daily.

I use 2 moisturisers, the La Mer Moisturising Soft Cream and the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream and I alternate between the 2. La Mer is luxuriously light, soft and beautifully hydrates the skin, the Magic Cream has a richer consistency yet it is absorbed quickly and leaves you with a wonderful glow. The Charlotte Tilbury Brightening Youth Glow acts as an overall glow enhancer and is especially effective mixed in with foundation.

The most important step of all is the SPF- I always reach for the La Roche Posay Anthelios Invisible Anti Shine Mist. This SPF 50 can be sprayed over make-up and doesn't leave any grease on your face however it does leave a very slight powdery residue which is easily blotted away with a beauty blender.

This combination of products is working great for me at the moment and I hope this was useful to some of you- let me know if you do try any of these products, I'd love to hear your experiences.

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