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My Lockdown Mum Essentials

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Schools in the UK are to be officially closed indefinitely from this Friday- we all knew this was coming and we've been preparing ourselves as much as possible during these unprecedented times. The first thing I did today after dropping the girls to school is to go to Poundland and stock up on arts & crafts and activities. I'm treating the school closure like I'd treat impending school holidays and if you've been following me for a while now, you'll know that I'm an absolute homebody and love staying home with my girls. I'm looking forward to our time together and for a change, my husband will be home with me to share the workload and responsibilities- unprecedented indeed!

I know it's going to be tough too- being a parent is demanding and right now most of us are worried about our own parents and grandparents whilst still trying to safeguard our precious children's hearts, minds and their naive innocence. I know that for me and many others, managing the threat of CO-VID19 is adding a significant dose of household and emotional labour to our lives and if you are the mother of the family, it means that most of this labour will fall on your shoulders.

When being a parent overwhelms me, the best way of coping is, in my opinion, staying organised. I know that having a plan and a routine will help me stay focused and I've already drafted a 'relaxed timetable' which we will follow from next week. I say relaxed because as much as we need to commit to order in these chaotic times, do what you need to do to lower your stress levels, whether that means easing up on your technology policy or accepting the power of biscuits as a bribe- it's not the end of the world.

Going out and buying a few essentials has definitely made me feel more prepared for the coming weeks or even months.

I'm going to link a few of my 'lockdown essentials' below; I bought most of these items in supermarkets but given the current lack of stock everywhere, I thought I'd link to online stores instead. I've also linked printable worksheets/activities for different age groups.

- Ear Thermometer

- Kids Vitamins

- Anti-bacterial Laundry Detergent

- Vanish Stain Remover

- Felt Tip Pens

- Paint

- Play Dough

- Chalk

Printable worksheets:


The above link is your one stop shop for all kinds of learning activities, I'd say from preschool up to year 4-5.

Positive affirmations/quotes colouring pages:

Have Courage And Be Kind https://bit.ly/33wk8QE

Every Day Is A Gift https://bit.ly/3dgELVk

If You Can Be Anything, Be Kind https://bit.ly/2wlpKRH

I Love Everything About You https://bit.ly/3a3NSHf

What Are You Doing For Others https://bit.ly/3b7flrB

I hope you found this useful! Stay safe and please do reach out to share your own tips.

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