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My September Favourites

Another month has passed and with my girls starting school/nursery, me starting work again after the summer holidays and the whole family settling back into a good routine after 10 weeks off school, September was certainly busy. You would think that with 2 of girls in full time education, life would be a bit more chilled out but no; it's even crazier! Of course, I still have my little one at home who keeps me on my toes. Naturally, with everything going on, my blog took a backseat and I was fully focused on the girls and work- today I realised that we are in October and I haven't shared last month's favourites with you! So, after a typically busy Saturday, I'm in bed with a steaming mug of tea, ready to share my September favourites.

- Power

One of my good friends recommended this show on Netflix to me and both Jude and I are hooked on it! 'Power' is a crime drama series executive produced by 50 Cent. It's a tad cheesy to start with but it's not your stereotypical American drama- it gets deep and raw and it really sucks you in. The dynamic between the characters remind of me 'Empire' as both shows are about family, wealth, loyalty and greed. We are knee deep into season 3 now and have 3 glorious seasons to go- yay!

- Autumn

Okay, this is probably so predictable but I'm really enjoying autumn so far. We've been really lucky with the weather here in the UK, I love the crisp, sunny days but also the cold rainy weather (when I'm at home, wrapped up in my favourite blanket with candles lit around me). I changed up my autumn wardrobe a little to make it a little more exciting and bought some basic knitwear whilst in America over the summer. Last year I hunted for the perfect pair of brown boots with not much luck as I'd left it until late October to look for them. This year I was ahead of the game and managed to snag a gorgeous, super comfy pair of brown boots from Dune in early September.

My current lip combo

I'm LOVING my go to lip combo at the moment- Mac's Soar lip pencil, Mac's Honey Love lipstick topped with Huda Beauty's Bombshell. It's the perfect pinky nude that complements any colour palette and any season.

Come From Away

Going to the theatre in London is always special, whether the productions are small or big, I'm always astonished by the dedication and hard work of the cast and crew members- putting on a show night after night isn't easy! I went to see 'Come From Away' at the Phoenix Theatre in Charing Cross with my lovely friend Sheena. The musical is based on a true tale about passengers who whose plane got diverted to Newfoundland on 9/11/2001; it's an ode to kindness and the power of community which comes together in a time of desperate need. It's hugely entertaining but also incredibly moving, it's definitely worth a trip to the theatre!

Leopard Print Top

Last but not least is this super cute knit I picked up from Warehouse- leopard seems to have a comeback every year and I had to jump on that bandwagon. It's fitted, true to size and looks great with leather leggings, a leather skirt or just jeans and brown boots.

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