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My Shopping Habits & Spring Holiday Haul

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

The chances of us going on our family trip for Easter this year are pretty slim. Was I looking forward to 8 days in the Middle Eastern sun, no laundry and cooking to worry about and having quality time as a family? Of course. The Corona virus pandemic has made it unsafe for us to travel (I do not want to get stuck in Abu Dhabi should the UK go into lockdown) and unless the situation drastically changes between now and the Easter holidays- which I highly doubt- it looks like we will be cancelling our trip. I do hope that schools will close soon so I can have the girls at home and not do the school run which in my opinion is the hardest part of parenting.

Of course I had already bought my holiday clothes for the trip. I got rid of a lot of clothes when we moved house 2 months ago- I keep clothes for years (I still have stuff from over 10 years ago) and rewear A LOT- to be honest I was just sick of the same holiday clothes so it was the perfect chance to get some new pieces. I don't get a new wardrobe for every season but by the time I want some cute spring or summer pieces, it's already July and all the good clothes are gone. So this year I was ahead of the game (for once) and managed to snag some great bits.

Before we get into the haul, I want to make clear that I NEVER buy high end designer clothes. Personally, I think it's a waste of money unless maybe you get staples which you can rewear over and over again? But even then, I just couldn't justify spending £700 on a pair of trousers. I love high street fashion which is affordable; I shop anywhere from Whistles, Abercrombie & Fitch to Zara, H&M and Primark and when I no longer want the items, I give them away to family members or charity so I don't feel awful about spending a ton of money on them. Instead of wearing designer clothes, I love to accessorise high street clothes with designer bags, shoes and brooches.

White High Low Dress: https://bit.ly/2QolCHp

Cinched Sleeve Midi Dress: https://bit.ly/3b161FA

Pink Floral Pleated Midi Dress: https://bit.ly/3a9za1v

Pink Frill Tea Dress: https://bit.ly/3b2jxIZ

Emarald Green Polkja Dot Tea Dress: https://bit.ly/2QniMT0

White Floral Swing Dress: https://bit.ly/3b1wdQh

Dotted Mesh Playsuit: https://go.zara/39Zbrkm

Tie Waist Shirt Dress: https://bit.ly/2Qnjks4

Kimono Coverup: https://bit.ly/2TX2AKn

Belted Swimsuit: https://bit.ly/38UGjkv

Gem Embellished Flip Flops: https://bit.ly/2w635sF

One Shoulder Swimsuit: https://bit.ly/3d7utHe

Suede Wedge Heel Sandals: https://bit.ly/38UHald

Beach bag: https://bit.ly/2xOBXyR

Beaded Sliders: https://bit.ly/3b40ZrT

Yellow Floral Playsuit: https://bit.ly/2Qo6PN3

Printed Dress: https://go.zara/38XW6Pu

Blue Floral Playsuit: https://bit.ly/38SDeS8

I’d love to know if you end up ordering anything! I hope you enjoyed this fashion haul. Stay safe x

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